An Important Question I’m Asking Myself 

A Word to the Wise…

from Rivkah (Reva)
Jamaican Recipe Prophet

Question: Why do we meet in Golden Lakes Village temple on Shabbat? 

My answer:

We meet to read Torah and discuss about our Creators of Heaven and Earth. Also to search the Torah for the ONE promised to come and crush the SERPENT’s head.

Our Messiah was promised to come from the SEED of a woman and would crush the seed of the cunning crafty serpent in Genesis Chapter 3. 

This promise was made about 6000 years ago, as we read about it all in Genesis Chapter 3.

History also records that about 2000 years ago, our Messiah did come, and He did accomplish  ALL that He was to do to the seed of the serpent.

At HIS coming, many angels announced to many in the city of Bethlehem that Elohim had placed a miraculous seed in the womb of a Jewish virgin girl, named Miriam.  

This event occurred during the Roman Empire and the reign of Herod the Great. This was approximately 73 years before the second Jerusalem temple was destroyed.

The promised Messiah who came as the eternal King from the line of King David and the tribe of Judah. Then 33 years after his birth, Messiah was crucified on a tree of sacrifice in Jerusalem. They called Him the King of the Jews.

His birth, growth, crucifixion and resurrection were witnessed by more than 5,000 people, including angels.

Some Eastern wise men, temple leaders, Roman soldiers and Roman officials, all who lived in neighboring towns and villages heard and saw Him as He traveled with 12 disciples ( brothers, fellow members of the twelve tribes of Israel); they too witnessed all HIS miracles of healing, raising the dead, walking on water, being lead by Ruach HolySpirit to feed thousands miraculously and doing numerous good deeds, also casting out demons and cleansing lepers.

All His acts of G-D in the flesh as a MAN ultimately caused the haters, unbelievers, to have HIM arrested, tried by Romans and crucified. They whipped,  scourged, battered, pierced, mocked and nailed HIM on a tree, using every cruel punishment know to humans during this period.  They placed a crown of thorns on His head and named Him, “ King of the Jews.” 

After His cruel death HolySpirit raised Him from the dead after the Sabbath was over. In His heavenly body, He spent 40 more days with His followers, teaching them and imparting to them many blessings, and He prepared them for what would happen to them after He left them to return back to Heaven.  

He commanded them to love each other to be ONE as He and Our Father are already ONE. Also, to wait on The Father’s promised HolySpirit for HIS power from on high. Then He ascended to Heaven to sit at the right hand of our Father, where He now stays making intercession for all who believe in His finished works. He took back ALL authority from the serpent and became the LAST ADAM.

He wants all to go and tell all ten tribes of Israel and the two tribes of Judah that they are His brethren. He did come, as was promised. He is The Messiah and the Anointed sent by our Father to accomplish everything that was prophesied. 

Today each follower of Yeshua should wait and allow Ruach Holy Spirit to give Him power, gifts, talents and fruits. Then each can go out to the nations with boldness. We are all told by Yeshua  to go into all the world as a witness of Him. We all can do as He and all His followers did. 

That is why I go to Golden Lakes Village temple. I am able to bring together Jews and Gentiles in ONE place to discover the ONENESS of the G-D of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. 

That is my assignment and job.

Shalom, peace & LOVE to all,

I’m your Jamaican Recipe prophet.

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Free Workshops in Golden Lakes Village Temple School

A Word to the Wise...

from Rivkah (Reva)
Jamaican Recipe Prophet

The School of the Major and Minor Prophets is reaching out to ALL the residents who live in Golden Lakes Village (GLV) in West Palm Beach, Florida.33411

In this village, there are about 5,000 Jews and about 15,000 Non- Jews. There is also a Jewish temple in (GLV). The first residents in this community were mostly Jewish. Now,  many non-Jews also reside in (GLV).

The Ruach HolySpirit has brought together brothers and sisters of faith in ( GLV). Some days we are swimming, playing scrabble, attending concerts and shows put on by the residents. We also have a prayer and Bible Study group, we encourage and pray for all the residents in (GLV). We desire to be a credible witness to all the residents.

This year as phase 1 of our outreach many of us paid $200 membership fee to join the temple. On Shabbat we attend workshops and learn the scriptures. There we honor our Father in Heaven, His precious Ruach HolySpirit and His Only Son Yeshua, who is The Lamb of Elohim, and Israel’s promised Savior and Messiah.

Our promised Messiah came to take away the consequences of Adam’s sin. Elohim told Adam he would “SURELY DIE” if he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Consequently, every one of us born on this earth since Adam and Eve, knows about death. We all now “surely die!” All living things, plants, animals and humans at some stage of life, will experience death because  Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  
You can read about this in the Torah, in Genesis chapters 1-4. 

Our School of the Major and Minor Prophets has been reaching out to both Jews and Gentiles in Golden Lakes Village (GLV)

In the temple school we read the SAME TORAH SCRIPTURES THAT ARE READ IN THE TEMPLE. During the services the Torah is read in the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE OF HEBREW,  just like Yeshua, the disciples, Moses, Elijah, and Elisha  they too ALL READ THE TORAH AND SCRIPTURES IN THE TEMPLE.

In our Temple School we allow the FULL COUNSEL of RUACH HOLYSPIRIT.  Those who wait on Ruach HolySpirit, He REVEALS to us OUR MESSIAH AND SAVIOR who is also The LAMB OF ELOHIM IN THE TORAH.

We are seeing the “signs of the times and the handwriting is on the wall.” Most of the  prophecies in the Torah and Original Testimony have already been fulfilled. Now we see the end time prophecy of Israel becoming a nation and the rebuilding of the THIRD temple.

We ALSO KNOW THE TIME OF THE anti-Messiah/Christ is NEAR…Therefore, all believers need to find a way to come together, pool our resources, store fresh foods, and prepare to help each other, survive the HARD DAYS TO COME!

Shalom -I’m Rivkah (Reva) your

Phone 561-881-9171 please leave a message and I will be sure to return your call