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All correspondence is to be directed to Rivkah (Reva) Lannaman
Phone: 561.881.9171

Location for

School of the Major and Minor Prophets

Golden Lakes Temple
1470 Golden Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33411


Managing Director (MD) & Volunteer Staff Member/Admin Assistant

The annual membership fee of $200 is ONLY for LOCALS who can attend the workshops in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

(We have sponsors, mentors and scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay the annual fee of $200.)

All  Bible and Prayer study videos online are FREE at this time.

Also, there are BIBLICAL Books that are for sale on my website.  
So please feel free to send me an email if you purchased items from my website. Please let me know if everything you purchased arrived. I would like feedback if you are enjoying the items you purchased.

Rivkah (Reva) Lannaman

PRAYER SUPPORT Prayer support

This picture of our Thursday Prayer and Bible Study group was taken in 2017  in Golden Lakes Village outside the home of one of our leaders. This faithful group prayed and supported our outreach to Jews and Gentiles in Golden Lakes Village until the virus closed down the Golden Lakes Village temple in February 2020.