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“Jamaican Recipe for Fathers”
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Rivkah (Reva)

Jamaican Recipe Prophet

I am a Believer, mother of four, retired school teacher, overcomer of sexual abuse, a divorced widow and advocate.  

Now my new life career… 

author,   blogger and public speaker.

In case you're wondering...

  • Why Jamaican? It’s where I was born and where I was called by Ruach Holy Spirit to be a prophet in the image and likeness of His Beloved Son.
  •   Why Recipe? There’s a divine recipe given to us by our Creator. My job as His prophet is to make Him famous and to introduce His recipe for Life and living.
  •  Who is a prophet?  Yeshua our Messiah is our HEAD – we are HIS body and so we are to be like Him in everything. He is our Divine Prophet, Priest and King.

All correspondence is to be directed to Rivkah (Reva) Lannaman
Phone: 561.881.9171

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