Help support the “G-D FUND ME” Fundraiser for

School of the Major & Minor Prophets!


All correspondence is to be directed to:
Rivkah (Reva) Lannaman

Join us on our upcoming CRUISE RETREATS & MISSION TRIPS!

The School of the Major and Minor Prophets has launched a G-D FUND ME account to finance PHASE  2 of our VISION CRUISE MISSION TRIPS & THREE RETREAT HOMES

Please prayerfully consider supporting, and possibly partnering with us in our PHASE 2 PROJECT!



We will be having…

  • Seven FEASTS OF G-D CRUISE Mission Trips throughout the year!

  • Family Retreats for healing and deliverance sessions in our RETREAT HOMES OF SHALOM



Our Vision of the Mission Cruise & Retreat Homes

The subscriptions and sponsorship funds will purchase three sites for our various retreats.

Retreat Home of Shalom by Port of Palm Beach

Our Vision of the Bed & Breakfast for Retreat Home 

I am grateful to Elohim for those who understand the vision and mission of The School of the Major and Minor Prophets.

  1.   A prophet must act in obedience to the plans of Elohim our Creator.
  2. Prophets are not called to promote their own agenda.
  3. Prophets are called to always fulfill Elohim’s plans and purpose for those who are redeemed.

PHASE 2 MISSION for every prophet, is to take the good news to ALL.

Our Creator Yeshua is Elohim’s promised SEED. Ruach Elohim has come into the world and is residing in those who believe and accept Elohim’s plan to redeem humankind. Just as Abram believed Elohim so too we who believe that Elohim’s promise, was fulfilled with Yeshua. We are commanded to take this good news of eternal redemption to the entire world.

The School of The Major and Minor Prophets is launching a G-D FUND ME Fundraiser account to finance our Phase 2 Project.


Please prayerfully consider supporting, and possibly partnering with us in PHASE 2.

We will be having cruise retreats and mission trips. The subscriptions and sponsorship funds will purchase three sites for our various retreats.

The FIRST SITE will be in Golden Lakes Village for folks 55 years and over.

The SECOND SITE will be in Lake Park by the Port of Palm Beach. A 5  bedroom 5 bathroom residence for family retreats.

The THIRD SITE will be a 5 bedroom 3 1/2 bathroom family retreat residence on the border of Georgia and Florida.

A 15 Passenger Van for transportation to and from the Port of Palm Beach to each retreat site and residence is also needed.


Proposed cruise days and activities will be 11:00 AM Mondays to Thursdays @ noon.

  • Providing Health and Medical clinics,
  • Healing and deliverance family sessions,
  • Nightly worship, dancing, and singing,
  • Daily Bible Study panel  discussions,
  • Manifestations of Holy Spirit Gifts and fruits workshops.
  • Songwriting, Psalmist and musical instrumental workshops.
  • Artist prophetic expressions, words, dreams, visions, and other performing arts

Below is our BIG vision of acquiring a cruise ship that is possibly sitting in a shipyard not being used.

  • The dollar and goal amount would be a minimum of $1,000.000.
  • Even one person could write a check to fund PHASE 2 of our school.
  • All who have the resources will know who they are. This is NOT the season to procrastinate or disobey Ruach Holy Spirit.

    A word of caution. This is not a grand idea to steal plans for yourself and promote your own agenda.
  • This is Elohim ’s plan and vision given to prepare HIS children for what He is about to do in America and the Caribbean.
  • If you are NOT called, you should not go. If you are NOT told anything, then you need to pray that those who are called, and who are to be part of this, will be BOLD and not fear or doubt.

    I am your

    Rivkah (Reva)





Pray & seek G-D if He is telling you to GIVE.

Contact Rivkah (Reva)
if you need more info.


Our physical renovation & rebuilding is to have:


2) To LIVE by FAITH in YAH.

3) SET APART a kingdom FAMILY for YAH.

4) Set apart time to FELLOWSHIP with YAH.

5) FOLLOW  UP and encourage each to LIVE for eternity with YAH.