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All correspondence is to be directed to
Rivkah (Reva) Lannaman using the following
phone and email. Feel free to also send your prayer requests.



Thank you for using my affiliate link when purchasing items from my Affiliate Shop! A portion of your purchases will help us acquire a site for our School and transform many lives from old to New Creation in Yeshua! The coded affiliate link is time-sensitive, so to be sure the commissions are credited to my account, please always come to my website and click on a product before buying from my Affiliate store. Thank you!!

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Please make all checks and subscriptions payable to:

Jamaican Recipe Prophet, LLC

Thank you for your contributions.
Your kindness and generosity will help us purchase a space for our school.

To honor each person who donates to our School of the Major & Minor Prophets or subscribes to the Bible Study videos and book club, their name will be permanently recorded in our School of the Major and Minor Prophet’s yearbook and catalog (with their permission, of course). 

Those who donate in honor of or in memory of a family member or friend should just send the information, stating in detail who is their honoree.